The interplay between
innovation, strategy and brand
produces success.

Innovation network for destinations (dmma)

dmma Association

21 tourist regions covering approximately a quarter of the overnight stays in Austria by tourists seeking leisure and recreation work together on those innovations and competences which gain them competitive advantage.

Innovation strategy
Management model
Business leadership

Federal Ministry’s Innovation and Impulse / Incentive Program

Transformale Festival for contemporary art in Carinthia

Carinthian Tourist Board

Contemporary art festival incorporating the local, independent, art scene, in order to promote cultural openness, through an identity discourse focussing on enjoying art,  providing cultural/cultured entertainment for the local population (of the state of Carinthia) as well as stimulating guests with cultural interests to travel.

Product Concept
Contemporary Arts Network Concept
Implementation of the project management

Cooperative Venture “Enjoy Camping in Carinthia"

ARGE Enjoy Camping in Carinthia

Creating and centrally marketing  camping vacations as nature - active - holidays for “discoverers” with support services

Project Submission
Product Concept
Marketing Concept
Supervision of the implementation of the project management

Winner in the Federal Ministry’s 2014 Project Call for the Innovation million
Distinction Award in the 2016 ADAC Award

Logo Camping Award 4C 2016

Corporate Strategy Austrian Tourism Board 2020+

Austrian Tourism Board

Transformation-Strategy for the Austrian Tourism Board  as aSystem-Intermediär

Defining the Business
Systems Approach
Design Innovation

The “holiday by the lake” strategy for the future

Carinthian Lake Districts

Strategy for re-positioning the “holiday by the lake” as the new nature - active holiday on the south side of the Alps,  a far cry from traditional bathing holiday with a special focus on building up the low seasons/shoulder months, refining the business segment strategy for the whole of the Federal State of Carinthia

Contract(ing) and Project Management

Product Development
Marketing and Distribution
Strategic Controlling

Implementation and Supervision

Destination Management and Marketing Strategies

Bregenzerwald, Most-viertel, Weinviertel, Bad Kleinkirchheim, Region Hohe Tauern, Millstätter See, Wiener Alpen, Bodensee-Vorarlberg, Neusiedler See, Allgäu, Kleinwalsertal

Destinations as economic tourism areas exist as distributed systems and their development. Marketing requires systemic know-how and not only simply business know-how. Branding, Experience Management, Content Management, Distribution and Sales, Partnership Management, Business Intelligence and ICT as well as the Systemic Management Approach are the crucial funktions to be implemented.

Performance Checks
Integrated regional management strategy
Design of the Business Model 
Implement the systemic functions of Destinations Management
Strategic and operational Controlling

Ensuring binding agreements

The Holiday in Austria brand

Austrian Tourism Board

Positioning Austria as a country that understands how to live, and as the cultural centre of Central Europe with a professional approach to its guests, led to the realization that the guests can discover themselves anew, regenerating and blossoming in the process.

Scientifically proven/tested brand core
Choreographed rollout concept
Establishing themes levering the brand vividness

Concepts for state-wide tourism brands

Vorarlberg, Carinthia, Burgenland

Cultural artefacts and values become comprehensible when they connect both to their genesis, and to the future, containing within themselves identity threads which are relevant  for both hosts and guests, and which have fused the embedded values and characteristics into a brand concept on conceptual, emotional, aesthetic and rational levels.

Scientifically proven/tested brand core
Choreographed rollout concept
Management Concept
Implementation Planning

Brand Experience Space Design

Lake Klopeinersee, Lake Millstättersee, Lake Constance - Vorarlberg

Making brands “experiencable” means designing spaces and creating rituals which can give meaning to places and situations through dramaturgy and scene-setting - thereby following a metastory which goes /delves deeper and becomes the director. Parametric design, scenography, semantics,  semiotics and visual design produce the depth of events on which the brand feeds/nourishes itself.

Project Design
Experiential Space Concept
Competition Design for an international Creative Call

Concepts for Destination Brands

Mostviertel, Bregenzerwald, Weinviertel, Bad Kleinkirchheim, Allgäu, Millstätter See, Kleinwalsertal, Bodensee-Vorarlberg, Thermenwelt Burgenland, Wiener Alpen, Pfronten, Saalfelden-Leogang

By developing their brand destinations can set themselves apart and be particularly attractive for certain target groups. Social systems, however, cannot be developed and exploited like consumer brands. They have to be connected both to their genesis, and to the future, containing within themselves identity threads.

Positioning and Brand Potential Check
Scientifically proven/tested brand core
Choreographed rollout concept
Management concept

Storyfication in Tourism

Impulse papers on “Heimat” and "Nature Reloaded", Austrian Tourist Board

Stories help people to navigate and find resonance in life. The more we are seeking for orientation, the more stories transform branding, communication and experience management in tourism.

Why stories are so important
Categories and fields of implementation
Tools and success factors
Best Practises

Corporate Concept Montforthaus Feldkirch

Montforthaus Feldkirch GmbH

Positioning of the congress location and the setting of the core processes and functions for the management company as a creative-agency had been the focal points of this project. 

Pfronten 2018 Tourism Strategy and holistic Managment Concept

Municipal Administration Pfronten

We worked based on an integral approach to redefine the touristical business of this traditional Allgäu Destination. As a result, the commune plans investments not only in corefields of the leisure business but is questioning a broad range of aspects of the quality of life in this area. The motivation and energy of the participants and coworkers of Pfronten to create future had been very compelling.

Developmentplan Harbourquater Hard am Bodensee

Municipality of Hard am Bodensee

The harbour quarter of Hard, lake Constance, contains recreation areas as well as economically driven options, which we try to exploit. Based on a transdisciplinary approach and in cooperation with the institut for cultural policy we interconnect local requirements with international competences to process a vision lead development plan. 

Hafenquartier Hardam Bodensee

Markenstrategie für den Wirtschaftsstandort Kärnten

Kärntner Landesregierung

Wirtschaftsräume stehen zunehmend im Wettbewerb zueinander. Marken können, wenn sie mit den Standortstrategien syhchronisiert sind, die strategischen Intentionen in narrative Sehnsüchte und in eine verhaltenslenkende Haltung übersetzen. Mit einer sehr erfolgreichen Sachgüterproduktion, einem Tourismus mit Entwicklungsperspektiven und der aufstrebenden Bioökonomie verfügt das Land über drei ressourcenverbundene Branchen, die durch den Technologieschwerpunkt des Landes (EBS, IKT, Mikroelektronik), vernetzte Bildungskonzepte und die innovationsorientierte Nachhaltigkeit zukunftsfähig befruchtet werden.

Aktualisierung der Tourismusmarke Kärnten

Kärnten Werbung Marketing und Innovations GmbH

Mit dem Claim "Lust am Leben" hat sich der Tourismus Kärntens 2010 neu positioniert. Die Evaluierung bestätigte 2019 eine erfolgreiche Umsetzung und Marktwirksamkeit. Aufgrund der gesellschaftlichen Dynamiken wurde jedoch eine Aktualisierung erforderlich, um die Marktwirksamkeit weiterhin sicherstellen zu können. Parallel dazu wurden mit der Standort-Marken-Strategie neue Synergiepotenziale mit der Standortwirtschaft zugänglich. 

futrure tourism. beyond recovery

Österreich Werbung, Verein dmma

Green, digital, cultural und systemic Transitions verändern die Gesellschaft und schaffen dynamische Erfolgschancen für den Tourismus, der in Österreich stark in regionale Lebensräume eingebettet ist. "future tourism. beyond recovery" verbindet zukunftsgerichtetes Denken mit pragmatischem Handeln und zeigt in 12 konkreten Use Cases, wie im regionalen Tourismus mehr nachhaltige Wertschöpfung erzielt werden kann.